you're just a sleepy company.

cool date idea: buy one of those headphone cable splitters, walk around town listening to & talking about eachothers’ music.

definitely didn’t steal this from a movie (yes i did)

kanye beat! killed it. common on fine form, too:

For now I write the world letters to better the young
On tree by jury, together we hung

been lying in bed for an hour now, completely unable to shut my mind off. just stop thinking about shit, PLEASE

And you ask, ‘lift up your shirt’ cause you wonder if a tattoo
Of affiliation can make it a pleasure to put me through
Gang files, but that don’t matter because the matter is racial profile
I heard them chatter: “He’s probably young but I know that he’s down”
Step on his neck as hard as your bullet proof vest
He don’t mind, he know we’ll never respect, the good kid, m.A.A.d. city